/Why HYScent?

Why HYScent?

HYscent enhances the environmental experience by providing innovative dispensing technology, delivering beautiful fragrances for everyone.

Caring for our Environment and You

  • No harmful chemicals
  • No allergic reactions
  • No toxicity

A typical HYscent fragrance could have as many as 50 different ingredients. HYscent Perfumers combine fragrance ingredients to create a scent. They select from our approved palette of materials, which can include ingredients that are:

  • Naturally occurring, meaning extracted from plants and flowers
  • Nature-identical, meaning synthetic materials used to take the place of naturals where allergens within the naturals can cause serious human side effects. In addition, they are used to provide consistent quality and safety, but are made in a laboratory

Other Brands vs. HYscent

The absence of propellants, harmful solvents and chemicals, make HYscent the “eco” solution for your fragrancing needs.

Criteria Aerosol/Wick/Gel HYscent
Product material Liquid propane gas Dry fragrance
Harmful Ingredients Alcohol, acetone, solvents None
Skin Irritation Yes None
Respiratory Irritant Yes No
Fragrance properties Solid particulates in the form of spray or mist will drop to the floor creating a slip hazard and possible staining of the wall and floor Dry fragrances spreads evenly

Product Description

Safety & Quality Assurance

For the HYscent fragrance ingredient palette, we require that any fragrance materials our perfumers use meet the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) and the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards. HYscent perfumers adhere to the standards set by the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM), which has the most comprehensive database worldwide of safety evaluations for fragrance materials.

It’s an industry organization, and it uses an independent expert panel. Industry safety standards are maintained by IFRA, using data from RIFM. We require our fragrance suppliers to abide by IFRA’s Code of Practice and its standards, which take into account numerous factors including chemical composition, variety of use, volume of use, usage concentration and more. The IFRA standards currently restrict the use of more than 170 substances due to their chemical profile.

HYscent is in widespread use in hospitals, medical facilities and retirement communities. HYscent the eco-conscious and responsible solution for odor control and fragrancing the environment.

HYscent’s proprietary malodour counteractant ODORAXE

Odoraxe distorts malodour molecules. The malodour molecule no longer has the precise characteristics to interact with the receptor site.

Made in the USA

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