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The perfect blend of natural scents

Your ‘go-to’ collection of familiar and comforting scents featuring a broad range of classic favourites, to suit any mood and refresh any space.

Citrus Harvest

Sparkling orange and ruby red grapefruit are
deepened with notes of warm iris and blonde
woods for a bright harvest blend.

Benefits: Cheerful, uplifting, reviving
White: HH10021

Pacific Waves

Salted sea air, spiced cyclamen and eucalyptus are blending with moss and warm musk to evoke the feeling of an Oceanside retreat.

Benefits: Optimism, spontaneity, stimulating
White: HH10061
White Invent: HH10061


Succulent notes of pomegranate and pear based blend with pamplemouse, rose and exotic woods to capture the richness of the forbidden fruit.

Benefits: Regenerating, refreshing, anti-anxiety
White: HH10091
White Invent: HI60061

Warm Vanilla

Warm vanilla is captured through notes of vanilla absolute wrapped in a creamy caramel, melted butter and a whisper of hazelnut.

Benefits: Relaxing, calming, de-stress
White: HH10031
White Invent: HI60051

Crisp Linen

The feeling of freshly laundered linen is captured through notes of crisp cucumber, silky Jasmin and a hint of cedarwood.

Benefits: Cooling, rejuvenating, peaceful
White: HH10081
White Invent: HI60031

Sweet Mango

Escape to tropical paradise! A Fresh island breeze carries notes of mango, pineapple and peach over a heart of exotic florals and sugared musk.

Benefits: De-stress, uplifting, peaceful
White: HH10111
White Invent: HI60113


Odoraxe contains Oleris® Methyl Undecylenate Odor Eliminator Oleris® Methyl undecylenate is known for its anti-odor properties.

• 100% of vegetal oil origin
• Oleris® Methyl Undecylenate is Kosher certificated, free of BSE-TSE and GMO free
• Oleris® Methyl Undecylenate is compliant with the raw materials standard that can be used in the formulation of cosmetics certified according to the Natural and Organic ECOCERT standard


Contentment, focus, balancing Breathe in the crisp scent of a coastal breeze with notes of ozone mist, eucalyptus and crisp woods.

T Ozone Mist, Cherry, Melon, Anise, Orange Blossom
M Geranium, Crushed Mint, Cinnamon, Eucalytus
B Amber, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Wormwood, Pine

Lavender Fields

Fresh lavender is enhanced by rich notes of vanilla, white petals and patchouli to evoke the rolling hills of Provence.

Benefits: Calming, balancing, uplighting
White: HH10071
White Invent: HI60041

A carefully curated collection of on-trend scents that inspire and indulge with sophistication, style and beauty.

Thai Lemongrass

Be transported across the globe through this fresh blend of lemongrass, citrus zest and blooming ginger lily.

Benefits: Reviving, stimulating, cleansing
White: HA20051
White Invent: HI60114

Green Apple

Crisp and fresh notes of green apple and pear are layered with soft floral accents to indulge your senses.

Benefits: Headache relieving, calmness, clean
White: HA20121

Soft Powder

Exotic and aromatic notes of Italian lemon and sparkling mandarin blended with notes of crushed mint for an uplifting aroma.

Benefits: Purifying, Concentration, Anti-anxiety, Lightness
White: HA20031


Creativity, harmony, cooling. The intoxicating scent of a summer garden is captured through a blend of jasmin, lotus flower & ylang.

T Cucumber, Melon, Aldehydes
M Wintergreen, Jasmin, Lotus Flower, Ylang, Eucalyptus
B Musk


Memory enhancing, mental clarity, soothing. Explore a secret garden through notes of sweet blackcurrant muguet and crushed rose petals with a hint of aromatic herbs.

T Pineapple, Cassis, Apple, Pear, Lemon Zest, Mandarin
M Muguet, Rosemary, Bulgarian Rose
B Warm Musks, Spanish Moss


Awakening, hunger inducing, inspiring. An expert blend of roasted coffee beans, hazelnut and dark chocolate that will have you perked up in no time.

T Cherry, Coconut
M French Roasted Coffee Beans, Toasted Hazelnut
B Dark Chocolate, Rich Buttery Notes


Energy boosting, de-stress, mood enhancing. The comfort of warm cinnamon is captured through a blend of spices, cinnamon bark and rich woods.

T Apple, Golden Pineapple
M Ginger, Nutmeg, Vanilla Bean
B Cedarwood, Cinnamon Bark, Frankincense, Patchoul


Clear thinking, calming, refreshing. Basil and Lemon is a delicately crafted blend of uplifting, sparkling citrus and freshly picked garden herbs. Golden lemon is accented with Italian bergamot and sweet ruby grapefruit, leading into an herbaceous accord of basil, mint leaves and coriander.

T Dewy Apple, Succulent Pineapple, Juicy Lemon, Ruby Grapefruit, Italian Bergamot, Honey Melon, Ground Anise, Basil Leaf
M Coriander, Moss, Peppermint, Spearmint, Fresh Lily, Star Jasmine
B White Musk, Vanilla, Sugar


Invigorating, mentally stimulating, joyous. A blend of spiced florals and warm woods wrapped in rich notes of patchouli & musk.

T Lemon
M Clove Buds, Jasmin Petals, Spiced Rose
B Warm Woods, Musk, Rich Patchouli


Uplifting, reviving, renewing. A sparkling aromatic blend of fresh fir needles and balsam pine, trimmed with notes of sparkling citrus, warm ginger and clean white woods.

T Crisp Orange, Sparkling Lemon, Fir Needles
M Balsam Pine, Cool Eucalyptus, Ginger Root
B White Woods, Vanilla Orchid, Earthy Moss

Let HYscent create something truly unique for you and your business. We’ve already carefully crafted a stunning range of bespoke scents for companies across the globe, from Australia, Kuwait to Scandinavia. Our custom Baked Bread and Cinnabon fragrances are also in use within the USA’s top rated convenience store chain. Contact us today to see what we can create, together.


The crisp scent of a green leaves are splashed with hints of grass and bamboo amid soft earthy wood undertones.

T Green, Leafy, Dewy
M Grass, Bamboo
B Earthy Woods


A bouquet of sugared rose petals blend into decadent notes of vanilla orchid and amber.

T Spun Sugar
M Rose Petals, White Jasmin, Creamy Freesia
B Vanilla Orchid, Sweet Amber, Sheer Musk


Exotic florals bloom over notes of spiced oud wood, sensual leather and rich musk.

T Orange Blossom, Lemon Leaves
M Oud Saffron, Crimson Rose
B Sensual Leather, Amber, Musk


Aromatic herbs and a touch of toasted nuts combine with a fresh baked bread accord to create a homey scent pulled straight from the oven.

T Basil Leaves, Fresh Thyme
M Muguet, Touch of Nuts
B Fresh Baked Bread Accord


Loaded with cinnamon, sugared nutmeg and brown sugar, covered in a lovely buttercream glaze, this sweet and fluffy baked treat is a sure to be a crowd pleaser.

T Lemon Zest, Orange, Sugar Crystals
M Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Buttercream Frosting
B Sweet Bread Accord, Vanilla Extract, Sugared Nutmeg


A dewy morning air paired with crisp apple and freshly cut combined with a soft, earthy base.

T Green Apple, Melon, Dewy, Leafy
M Cut Grass, Hyacinth, Lilac
B Sandalwood, Violet, Earthy


This marine scent will transport you to the sea with relaxing hints of jasmine and melon with a touch of calm, fresh woods.

T Marine, Aquatic, Melon
M Leafy Green, Floral, Jasmine
B Powder, Fresh Woods



Ocean White 6pk
West Indian Lemon-grass White 6pk
Pomegranate & Plum White 6pk
Mango White 6pk
Linen White 6pk
Citrus White 6pk
Applejack White 6pk
Vanilla White 6pk
Coastal Waters 6pk
Asian Mist 6pk




Ocean Black 6pk
West Indian Lemon-grass Black 6pk
Pomegranate & Plum Black 6pk
Mango Black 6pk
Linen Black 6pk




Pacific Waves
Thai Lemongrass
Sweet Mango
Crisp Linen
Citrus Harvest
Green Apple
Warm Vanilla



All other fragrances are available upon request.

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Product Description

One click refill cartridge fits all devices. Designed for long lasting use, HYScent fragrances are the perfect solution for enhancing the work or retail environment with the most welcoming scents. Available in two colours, to best represent the White or Chrome dispenser options. Sold in boxes of 6 we recommend white refill for white dispenser, black refills for chrome.

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