Genus® UV Meter

Add value by optimizing placement and monitoring lamp degradation with laser precision

  • Designed with innovative technology to give an extremely high level of measurement accuracy +/- 2% at 25ºc
  • High quality built in laser to aid measurement targeting
  • Monitor lamp UVA degradation to optimize lamp replacement and sales
  • Survey tool to scientifically optimize the placement of ILTs


Genus® UVM-44 hand held UVA light meter




Product Description

The Genus® UV Meter is designed to measure UVA output with laser guided precision allowing the scientific placement of ILTs and the subsequent monitoring of lamp UVA degradation in order to optimize lamp replacement regime and sales. In order to maximize fly catch it is essential to scientifically survey the potential placement sites for optimal positions of low competing UVA. In order to maximize lamp replacement sales use the Genus® UVA Meter to monitor lamp degradation to ensure that the lamp replacement interval is optimized.

Additional Information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 13.97 x 6.19 x 2.49 cm