HYscent controls odour and fragrance throughout areas both large and small, using Pure Essential Oils. Zero chemicals are expelled by the HYscent diffusers delivering a healthy solution to commercial fragrance.

The system is stylish, secure, versatile, safe and extremely simple to operate: it can be used in an endless array of settings.

  • Zero Chemicals output – so extremely safe to be around
  • Scents lasts 45-60 days – drastically out performing any alternative systems
  • Mess free easy change – no spill
  • Wall mountable, or desk standing
  • Non flammable and VOC exempt
  • Up to 11 pure essential oils within each fragrance
  • Scent is proven to raise mood, enhance creativity and even raise concentration levels as well as many other benefits to well-being
  • Care Homes – Creating a fresh, relaxing, pleasant environment to live & work in as well as visit
  • Hotels – Reception Areas, corridors & guests rooms – Creating a feeling of cleanliness as well as comfort
  • Retail – Near entrances, changing rooms and cash desks
  • Schools – Creating an environment within which students feel comfortable, creative and focused
  • Washrooms – Odoraxe is an effective and natural solution to controlling bad odours
  • Hospitals – 15 of the top 25 US hospitals now use HYscent, even in patients rooms

Devices & Fragrances