Remote Monitoring Rodent Snap Trap


  • Real Time alerts, when snap trap is activated
  • Reliable Technology – Transmitted via Sim Data
  • Durable, High Quality Product
  • No Need for Wifi or Master Transmittor
  • Cost Effective Solution

Technical data

  • Low energy consumption (rechargeable battery last for 8 months)
  • Outdoor use (Temperature range: -35 to +60 °C; IP67 waterproof)
  • Network use worldwide (GSM Quad-band 850/900/1900/1900 MHz)

Plug & Play:

  • Works without base station or repeater. Communicates directly with the TrapSensor webserver.

Reliable Technology:

  • TrapSensor combines one of the most reliable trap models with the most reliable monitoring system available.

Instant or Scheduled Notifications:

  • You can receive instant notification via app or email or just look up the status of each trap manually in your online user profile or the app.


TrapSensor Rat SnapTrap



Product Description

TrapSensor offers tomorrows technology, today – a robust and reliable solution, which allows remote monitoring of rodent traps, alerting the PCO in real time, when the trap is activated. This advanced and cost effective system, redefines standard operational practice, creating service efficiencies and unrivalled hygiene levels.

TrapSensor works with a free online interface, where users can easily set up their monitor, check the current status of all traps, and enter all phone numbers and email addresses, they wish to be notified upon trap closure. TrapSensor even sends users a message if there is a problem, such as network failure. And of course, it gives them a heads up before the batteries die.

Additional Features:

  • Summarized status reports
  • Catch registry
  • Documented overview of all server communication
  • Works in areas with weak network coverage
  • Easy and intuitive set-up

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Additional Information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 337 x 511 x 134 cm